91% of X/Twitter users not interested in paying subscription fee

After Elon Musk announced late last month that he was considering putting X behind a paywall, YouGov has found that an overwhelming 91% of regular users would not be interested in paying a subscription fee; with 5% indicating that they would be willing to pay £2.00 or less.

This trend was reflected when respondents were asked about further additional fees, with 89% of regular users saying that they would not be interested in paying to post, although 7% would do so for £2.00 or less.

A further 91% of users indicated that they would not pay to view posts either (5% would for £2.00 or less), whilst eight in ten (79%) believe that any introduction of a subscription-based model would make the platform less successful

Close to three months on from X/Twitter’s highly controversial rebrand, YouGov has also found that a vast majority of users still favour the platform’s original name, and would change it back if they could.

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The survey found that as many as eight in ten Britons (77%) say that the name ‘Twitter’ is preferable to ‘X’, a figure that rises to nine in ten (88%) for the platform’s regular users.

Continuing this trend – up to three-quarters of respondents (74%) indicated that if given the choice, they would revert X’s name back to the original Twitter, rising to 81% for regular users.

In a damning indictment of Musk’s tenure and ambitions for the platform, a majority of regular users (61%) believed that it had become worse under his leadership.

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