System1 launches Pinterest-backed ad measurement tool

Advertising platform System1 has this week launched Test Your Ad Digital, a measurement tool enabling advertisers to predict and improve the commercial impact of their online content.

The Test Your Ad tool primarily assesses a viewer’s emotional response to a creative, assigning it a 1 to 5.9-Star Rating taking into consideration its ability to drive long-term growth, while a Spike Rating also assesses an ad’s short-term potential.

System1 has additionally collaborated with social media platform Pinterest on a multi-market validation by using creative from a range of global brands to confirm that its digital ad metrics correspond with real business effects.

With the Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure Report predicting online advertising spend to increase by around 5% in 2023 to £27 billion, the importance of rapid response digital measurement tools like Test Your Ad cannot be understated.

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“Digital advertising continues to get a bigger piece of the ad spend pie, but requires a precise approach given these channels promote shortened attention spans,” System1 chief customer officer, Jon Evans said.

“As our research with Pinterest demonstrates, Test Your Ad Digital provides accurate predictions, as well as actionable improvements so advertisers can make the most effective digital ads.”

He continued: “System1 has long been advising brands and agencies on digital advertising, and this product makes it even easier for them to quickly and easily test their creative to understand its potential.”

Further measurement features provided by Test Your Ad Digital include Digital Fluency; which measures brand recognition within the first 2 seconds, alongside Attention Trace and Attention Time, which measure the proportion of people viewing the ad at each second (i.e., have not skipped), and the average percentage of the ad viewed by the audience as a whole respectively.

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