Tesla ups advertising spend despite Musk’s disapproval

Tesla has upped its advertising spending in 2023 despite Elon Musk previously expressing his disapproval of advertising.

Speaking on The Street, Remy Blaire highlighted that Tesla spending went from $175 on US ads in 2022 but went up to $6.4 million dollars in 2023.

“Tesla’s ad spending is pennies compared to other big car makers. For example General Motors spent $3.6 billion  on global advertising and promotions and promotions in 2023.”

She also added that Tesla was looking to rebrand following a weak first quarter of 2024.

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In November of last year Musk told advertisers to “go f•ck themselves” after they quit the platform, following controversial remarks from the tycoon who owns X, formerly known as twitter, in which he appeared to agree with an antisemitic comment.

It came after advertisers including Disney, IBM, Apple and more pulled advertising from the social media site in the wake of the remarks.

Commenting on X some fans noted that Tesla adverts had begun appearing on the platform, with users reportedly seeing adverts appearing on their feeds.

In May of last year Musk told CNBC that the car brand would “try out a little advertising” but most of this has appeared on YouTube until recently.


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