Beyond Meat pokes fun at Veganuary misconceptions


Beyond Meat has shared a playful new billboard poking fun at misconceptions about Veganuary.

It forms part of a fully integrated campaign from the brand which has been developed by Adjust Your Set/Oliver and goes live from January 11, entitled ‘Taste You Can Believe In’.

Set to run across Meta, TikTok and DOOH the campaign will feature a nationwide Beyond Meat food truck tour, led by plant based Tik Tok star Luke Vernon.

Highlighting just how tasty (and fried) Veganuary can be, the tour will offer free Beyond Burgers and challenge UK consumers on their perceptions of plant-based Beyond Meat.

It follows on from several recent findings — including a study from the World Health Organisation which showed that shifting to plant-based meat alternatives can help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

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Beyond Meat brand manager Ellie Stevens said: “With the Taste You Can Believe In’ campaign, we are looking to educate consumers on the benefits of our products in a light-hearted, approachable but informative way.”

“January is a key time for assessing our meat consumption and we wanted to emphasise how our tasty Beyond Meat products allow everyone to continue eating what they love, but do so in a way that’s better for the planet – no sacrifice required.”

Luke Vernon added, with a hint of tongue in cheek: “I can’t wait to get on tour and offer free, insanely plant-based Beyond Burgers so people can experience for themselves that Beyond Meat is truly ‘Taste you can believe in. So juice and crispy -their burgers are truly un-burger-lievable!”


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