X/Twitter CEO travels to London in desperate bid to woo advertisers

The chief executive of X, formerly known as Twitter, Linda Yaccarino has reportedly set in motion a charm offensive in a bid to win back advertisers to the ailing social media platform.

Following alarming revelations made over the summer that X had lost up to 50% of its advertising revenue since Elon Musk’s takeover, Yaccarino has now travelled to London in order to woo advertising executives directly.

Yaccarino is said to have met with a range of top dogs including WPP’s chief executive Mark Read, as well as senior executives at the likes of Havas, Publicis and Omnicom.

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Whether the drastic move will result in any tangible success will remain to be seen, as any positive action taken by Yaccarino has thus far been thwarted by Musk’s erratic and consistently unpredictable behaviour.

The primary concern for advertisers is the damage done to X’s image by Musk, who earlier this year went as far as to sue an anti hate-speech group because it had successfully lobbied advertisers to quit his platform.

Recent murmurings around the potential introduction of a subscription fee for the platform won’t help matters either, especially when a vast majority of users have said that they would not be interested in paying to use the site.

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