Vodafone makes history with celebratory OOH wrap of Marble Arch

Vodafone has celebrated winning the Best in London Network award with an impressive out-of-home (OOH) wrap of Marble Arch.

In a London-first move to mark the accolade, Vodafone has become the first brand to advertise on a purpose-built sleeve covering Marble Arch, while the landmark is undergoing an extensive conservation project.

Managed by outdoor media owner Ocean Outdoor, the OOH creative, will run throughout August and feature the telecom network‘s distinctive red branding through the arches and panels of Marble Arch.

Ocean Outdoor UK CEO, Phil Hall said: “This has been one of the most ambitious installations Ocean has ever undertaken and to get it right required a monumental collaboration from all the partners involved.

“Ocean is privileged to be able to offer this unique advertising opportunity and I can’t think of a better launch partner than Vodafone to mark its Best in London award.”

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Revenue from this advertising opportunity will be going towards the important conservation project for the 200-year-old marble monument, led by the charity English Heritage.

In support of the Marble Arch activation, Vodafone will also be running a co-branded national network campaign with YouTube Shorts to celebrate the win.

The campaign follows other previous larger-than-life OOH adverts by Vodafone, including a 3D billboard depicting Emma Raducanu at Piccadilly Lights last year.

“We are incredibly excited to be the first brand to take an OOH spot on the new Marble Arch advertising sleeve to recognise our reliable, award-winning network being named ‘Best in London,” said Vodafone UK head of brand, Maria Koutsoudakis.

“This unique opportunity at Marble Arch is the perfect way to celebrate, allowing us to give back to London by playing a part in supporting the conservation of one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.”

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