‘I’ve got the munchies’: Snoop Dogg plays Just Eat ad at O2 concert

Snoop Dogg dedicated a section of his set list to his Just Eat advert at his concert at the O2 London on 21 March.

On top of performing some of the rapper’s classics, including ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ and ‘Who Am I (What’s My Name)’, Snoop Dogg also surprised the British audience by including the song he created for a Just Eat advertising campaign.

The artist, otherwise known as Calvin Broadus Jr, provided the vocals for the delivery company ad in 2020. The ad was replaced by a Katy Perry number last year.

During the show on Tuesday, Snoop Dogg reportedly delighted fans with his nod to Just Eat.

One concert-goer dubbed the performance of the song as a “genuine highlight”.

“At the snoop dogg concert last night. The man is absolutely brilliant. Genuine highlight was he done Just Eat. Only in Britain would that be massively appreciated,” Greg Dorrington (@Gregdorrers) wrote on Twitter.

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Another fan (@NickJWReilly) tweeted a video of the moment, writing: “Dying at Snoop playing the entire Just Eat advert during his O2 show last night. He introduced it by saying he had the munchies and really needed some food.”

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