Tropicana spotlights iconic orange in new £3.5m campaign

Tropicana has launched a new £3.5 million campaign to mark its new ‘It’s that juice” platform’, spotlighting its iconic orange branding.

The ‘Not all oranges are the same’ campaign features special build sites, buses, social, PR and shopper, showing consumers that not all juices are the same.

The campaign centres the orange with straw as its hero asset, and is also accompanied by a 10-second TV spot which reinforces the same messaging about being fresh from the fruit.

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Tropicana billboard features a blown up round and juicy orange with a straw poking out and the text "Not all oranges are the same. We pick the best oranges for the best taste" and "Tropicana. It's that juice".

It comes as Tropicana seeks to build on the success of its previous inaugural campaign, which aimed to fill in the gap in branded offerings in the not-from concentrate ambient juice category and offer shoppers the opportunity to enjoy the quality and taste of Tropicana.

“The launch of this campaign marks another exciting moment for the brand, helping us express as category market leaders as we carefully select the best four varieties of orange out of over 60, to ensure we’re delivering the very best taste and quality for consumers,” said Tropicana Brands Group Europe chief marketing officer Mick Van Ettinger.

“The launch of this campaign marks another exciting moment for the brand, helping us express our confidence as category market leaders,” said Tropicana Brands Group marketing director Elizabeth Ashdown.

“Tropicana has over 75 years of fruit expertise and heritage, and is aiming to elevate consumers’ perceptions of the brand, shifting the narrative from ‘juice is juice’ to Tropicana is that juice.”

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