TikTok cuts advertising jobs as tech sector adjusts to falling ad sales

TikTok has laid off at least 60 employees working in its advertising and sales divisions following a series of cuts at major tech firms in recent months.

Primarily impacting US-based jobs, the social media giant has so far maintained that the cuts are down to a “routine reorganisation”, despite the mounting financial pressures affecting the tech industry.

Rising business costs, a fall in ad sales and investment in AI are the chief drivers of the recent Big Tech job cuts, with Amazon, Google and Meta all reducing their headcounts.

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The biggest cuts by far have been made at Facebook and Instagram owner Meta, which has axed 20,000 employees since November 2022. Google and Amazon have also made hundreds of cuts this month alone.

The news comes as TikTok fights an ongoing battle with US regulators, who cite serious national security concerns over its alleged Chinese government links.

Having been accused of directly sharing user data with the Chinese Communist Party, the app’s parent company ByteDance admitted to spying on journalists in December 2022.

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