Hair and beauty SMEs name their favourite social media channels for marketing

YouTube has been found to be the outright most popular social media channel used for marketing by hair and beauty SMEs, followed by Facebook and Instagram.

Research carried out by payment solutions firm Dojo has also found that influencer marketing has become the most effective channels for sales generation for hair and beauty SMEs, ranking above numerous popular social media networks.

Due to its visual nature, 28% of the nearly 200 SMEs surveyed by Dojo named YouTube as their preferred platform to market their content, with 26% opting for Facebook as their preferred means of driving customer acquisition.

“When it comes to starting influencer marketing, the most important thing is to pick influencers that align with your target audience. When reaching out for rates, ensure you ask for a demographic breakdown – there’s no point in spending money using an influencer that has the wrong audience for your brand,” Influencer marketing and campaigns expert, Darcy Jessop said.

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“For beauty salons, using micro-influencers to start your influencer marketing journey can be a great way to test different niches (from hair to beauty, all the way to comedy as a wild card option) without breaking the bank.

She continued: “Micro influencers often have a highly engaged loyal following already, so growing with them over time can be a great way to break into the industry and make an impact, without feeling like your collaboration is a drop in the ocean on their feeds.”

Despite its own very visual usership model, Instagram was not held up as the gold standard for hair and beauty SMEs, even though its user base is predominantly 25-34 years old.

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