Revival strategy: X turns to Google to sell programmatic ads

X, formerly Twitter, will start receiving programmatic ads for Google as it continues to seek new advertising supply sources to replenish its funds.

Google confirmed today that X would use the programmatic ad platform for publishers, Google Ads Manager, to participate in online auctions to sell its inventory.

The news follows the platform facing severe financial challenges, with Elon Musk revealing it had lost around 50% of its total ad revenue since he bought the company in October last year.

While the terms of this new deal have not been disclosed, the announcement is clear that the only X ad inventory available for brands through Google is within X’s main timeline.

While this introduction of programmatic ads is clearly a sign of the social media site failing to increase ad sales without additional help, critics point out that the decision also comes as a risky move for Google itself.

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The Alphabet-owned company will need to hold X accountable for its publisher standards, reflecting its policies which ensure advertisers aren’t exposed to dangerous websites.

Yet, this risk may be mitigated by suggestions that any ads that show up on the social media platform through Google will be labelled as “promoted”, following its transparency in reporting guidelines.

In addition, Google’s ad platform allows marketers to turn off unwanted sites, which means the social media site can be avoided.

This move comes after X unveiled a series of initiatives in an attempt to lure smaller advertisers back to the flagging social media site.

Following figures that revealed eight in ten active X customers are supposedly SMBs, most recently the platform has offered select businesses a one-time ad credit of £198 ($250).

Other attempts to win back fleeing advertisers include the introduction of a range of  ‘sensitivity’ controls, aimed at addressing ongoing concerns about safety and quality checks on the platform.

The announcement of its new development with Google coincides with the social media site unveiling a restructuring of its ad sales teams. New appointments include Carrie Stimmel as the new global agency leader.

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