Exotic animals go missing in London in latest guerrilla marketing campaign from WeRoad

In the last week, an alpaca, monkey and reindeer have all gone missing across the capital … or so says a guerrilla marketing campaign from adventure travel brand WeRoad.

Confused Londoners, looking to help find the exotic animals, have scanned the QR codes on the ‘missing’ posters only to find that the travel scale-up is offering a discount code for its 2023 itineraries.

missing animals weroadThe unbranded posters were shared far and wide across social media, with users asking if anyone had seen Jeremy the alpaca, Mike the monkey or Rupert the reindeer.

As well as London, the campaign has also launched across key cities across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the rest of the UK.

According to WeRoad, the campaign has generated 20,000 landing page visits and resulted in hundreds of social media shares containing the mention of WeRoad’s accounts in all countries.

The digital promotion offers discounts of up to £200 off travel with WeRoad on selected trips from May 2023.

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“Travelling the world is often a topic of conversation in the office. One day, we were discussing how we missed all the beautiful creatures we encountered on our travels. And that’s exactly what inspired this campaign,” WeRoad head of global brand marketing, Margherita Galluzzo, said.

“To bring that longing for travel and seeing these wonderful animals, we developed our unbranded missing animals’ posters and took to the streets of London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Rome, Naples and Bologna.

“All the animals we have chosen can be met on the itineraries most loved by our community: the wild reindeer of Iceland, the monkeys of the jungles of Thailand or the temples in Nepal, the alpacas in Peru and Colombia.”

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  • sickening adverts. more silly adverts.

    a travel company doing a ‘lost’ advert.

    some people are genuinly missing and pets too unfortunelty and this is just sickening.

    ASA should fine them. it’s not funny to joke like these ads are.


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