RAPP UK launches social-first campaign for sex ed charity Fumble


Creative agency RAPP UK has created an emoji-based campaign for youth charity Fumble that aims to provide free, quality sex education adapted to the digital age.

Leaning in to the tendency for young people to discuss sex through visual language via sexting, the campaign covers topics such as sexual wellbeing without breaking the restrictions set by social media platforms on the usage of sex-related words.

“Today’s young people deserve better when it comes to sex education. Our insights showed that our target audience aren’t seeking out answers the same way their peers do,” RAPP UK chief creative officer, Al Mackie said.

“We found them struggling to engage with sex education at school and instead learning through porn, friends or toxic influencers. Our mission is to educate them on all things sex, equality, respect and inclusivity.”

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Centred around the call to action ‘Don’t Google it. Fumble it’, the work will encourage young people to find out more about sex education and become better informed on what can at times be a taboo subject.

Fumble founder and director, Lucy Whitehouse added: “Right now, young people are really struggling. The challenges that they face when it comes to sex, relationships, identities and mental health are massive – especially in the digital world.

“Things like sexting, porn, ‘revenge porn’, online bullying and grooming, self-harm and suicide ideation, and toxic ideologies are getting us hooked on harmful ideas of gender, particularly masculinity.

She concluded: “At Fumble, we create exciting, reliable, relatable digital content on intimacy, relationships, identity, health and wellbeing and we think this campaign will connect our content with the audiences that need it most.”


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