Paddy Power’s ‘Everyone’s Favourites’ leads the Euros pack

Betting firm Paddy Power is the current front runner in the Euro 2024-themed advertising battle, with its ‘Everyone’s Favourites’ spot proving quite a hit according to Kantar.

Featuring a host of star names including actor Danny Dyer and former England and Liverpool striker Peter Crouch, the film pokes fun at English fans’ delusions of grandeur and rowdy behaviour abroad.

The market research firm has given the clip a strong score of 84 out of 100, landing it in the top 17% of ads in Kantar’s 250,000-strong database for impact. The campaign also sits in the top third for prominent branding, audience enjoyment and involvement.

Adidas’s emotive ‘Football anthem’ campaign also scored highly, tackling the immense pressure of professional footballer’s shoulders ahead of the summer featuring a host of star names including Messi, Bellingham, Wirtz, Dembélé, Pedri, Donnaruma and Di Marco – topped off by a David Beckham voice-over. The ad proved to be strong on impact (top 12%), audience enjoyment (top 27%) and involvement (top 12%).

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“Brands including Paddy Power, Adidas and Currys have been quick off the bench, with their campaigns posting promising results based on our initial AI-led effectiveness analysis. Paddy Power especially has put in a strong all-rounder, competing highly across all the key metrics we measure. Could it be the Messi of this year’s competition?” Kantar director of creative research, Edu Aguado-Tween said.

From the tech sector, Currys’ ‘Beyon Techspectations’ TV ads have also proved highly effective – with humour used to great effect throughout the campaign, achieving results of 78 and 82 respectively for its ‘Eyemask’ and ‘Cone’ spots.

Brands have tended to focus on empathy in recent years but, as Paddy Power and Currys show, humour is a powerful way to land messages and connect with audiences in a more memorable way.

Aguado-Tween added: “It’s important within this storytelling, of course, to make sure that the brand stands out, and Currys continues to excel at this thanks to its distinctive brand assets and narrative style. We’re yet to see the full suite of competitors, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on campaigns as they launch.”

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