Watch: Dreamies shows off cat food stat by enlisting humans called Cat


Mars-owned cat treats brand Dreamies is calling on humans called Cat to highlight the appeal of Dreamies cat treats.

The new multi-channel campaign created by adam&eve DDB calls upon Cats to determine whether or not they find Dreamies treats irresistible – building on research which revealed that 95% of cats find the cat food irresistable, with the assumption that the other 5% must be humans called Cat.

A social media campaign encouraged humans called Cat to determine whether or not they find Dreamies treats irresistable, inviting Cats to a ‘Humans called Cat’ convention under the pretence they would be celebrating their namesakes, when they were really there to be Dreamies research subjects.

The two minute style documentary film shows a series of assessments carried out on attendees from serving Dreamies, to tickling them under the chin and asking them whether they had ever defecated in a neighbours garden.

Unsurprisingly, the stunt highlighted that the 5% of cats who do not like the brand’s cat food are humans after all…

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The film will be supported by targeted activity across DOOH, print, paid social and radio from April 11.

Mars European brand director Kay Brown said: “This campaign centres on the product truth that cats can’t resist Dreamies treats, doing so with a humour that’s unique to this brand.”

She added that the approach drives intrigue and amusement for cat parents, while reinforcing why the brand is the UK’s number one selling cat food.

adam&eveDDB chief creative officer Richard Brim added: “Apparently 95% of cats love Dreamies, yet we were struggling to find one of the 5% that doesn’t”. So we could only conclude that the 5% were actually humans called Cat. And we set out to prove it.”


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