Alton Towers unveils spectacular 3D OOH to celebrate Nemesis’ return

Alton Towers has launched an ambitious 3D out-of-home campaign to celebrate the grand re-opening of its Nemesis attraction after close to 18 months out of action.

Freshly re-named as Nemesis Reborn, people living within two hours of the resort will be greeted with a series of out-of-home executions at key high-impact sites to promote the return of Alton Towers’ flagship ride.

Devised by creative agency TBWA/MCR in partnership with, Wavemaker and Group M Out-of-Home the 3D campaign will run across digital large and small format screens in shopping centres, cinemas, motorway service areas, and roadside locations.

“This campaign epitomises the fusion of technology and creativity within Out of Home advertising, delivering the ultimate wow factor,” Group M OOH account director, Becky Hulme said.

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“By strategically selecting prime locations, we’ve ensured that the stand-out creative reaches thrillseekers where they live and work. The buzz generated by this campaign is set to extend its reach through word of mouth and social media shares, amplifying its impact even further.”

Starting out as what looks to be a regular out-of-home poster, the creative quickly morphs into a jaw-dropping beast using anamorphic 3D, allowing it to be viewed from a variety of different angles. creative innovation director, Dan Cheetham added: “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have been a part of crafting this spine-tingling content for the Nemesis Reborn campaign.

“It’s been an exhilarating journey creating the latest in anamorphic content to bring this iconic attraction to life in such a dynamic and impactful way, to a huge audience. Through larger-than-life digital content, we’re creating an atmosphere of unparalleled intensity, ensuring that every passer-by is captivated by the raw energy and terror of Nemesis Reborn that awaits them in the park”

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