Innocent takes commuters underground with immersive new TfL campaign

Innocent Drinks is celebrating soil health in an immersive new campaign which leads commuters deep under the ground, inspired by its Farmers Innovation Fund.

The ‘We love the Underground’ campaign was the winning entry for Global’s ‘Look Ahead’ competition, in partnership with Contagious and Transport for London.

The new digital advertising formats create an alternative ‘underground’ environment that highlights the important part soil health plays in protecting the supply of fruit and vegetables, so they can continue to be part of sustainable healthy diets for future generations.

Appearing at Elizabeth line stations Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road and Farringdon, escalator ribbons create an illusion of heading down through the fertile ground and champion the role of soil in food production.

On the platform, passengers scan a QR code to receive free seeds and learn about innocent’s work to protect soil health through its Farmer Innovation Fund and the Aga Khan Foundation.

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“This campaign does the important job of showing our passion for fruit and veg but it also highlights our commitment to invest in regenerative farming practices for the long term. Without the underground, we wouldn’t exist. We rely on fruit and veg to make our drinks, and both need healthy soil to grow,” said innocent executive creative director Carol Feeley.

She added: “That’s why we recently relaunched our Farmer Innovation Fund, offering £1 million in grants to support regenerative agriculture projects within our supply chain.”

“The competition brief was to take commuters on a journey underground, so we thought we’d literally do that by taking computers deep into the soil in a campaign called ‘We love the the Underground’. It’s a great example of our distinctive tone and voice and communicating in a playful and unexpected way.”

“We hope the campaign inspires passengers to take good care of what’s underground so we can all keep enjoying fruit and veg for years to come.”

Global creative director for Outdoor Anto Chiocarelli added: “All the judges were in agreement that innocent should win  the competition. It’s a perfect example of a campaign designed specifically for Elizabeth lines stations, from huge digital gateway screens to full-motion escalator ribbons.”

“The marketing and creative teams at Innocent truly considered the unique underground environment and created not just a campaign, but a rich experience for commuters.”

He added that “it blends entertainment with education about the crucial role healthy soil plays in nourishing the fruits used in innocent’s drinks. It uses storytelling to connect with commuters on an emotional level, making the message memorable and impactful.”

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