Uber Eats Super Bowl ad slammed for peanut allergy joke

Uber Eats’ star-studded Super Bowl ad has faced strong criticism by The Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) charity, over a scene which makes light of peanut allergies.

The ad, which features Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer alongside the Beckhams, Usher and rapper Jelly Roll, is centred around the theme of forgetfulness.

In the clip, various scenarios show people ‘making room’ to remember all of the delivery service’s different features by ‘forgetting’ something else – such as a long-time colleague, what a chair is – and of course peanut allergies.

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The reaction from allergy action charities and individuals online has been far from positive – with a FARE statement reading: “We are incredibly disappointed by Uber Eats’ use of life-threatening food allergies as humour in its Super Bowl ad.

“The suffering of 33M+ Americans with this condition is no joke. Life-threatening food allergy is a disease, not a diet. Tell Uber Eats and the NFL that enough is enough. 📣 Awareness is key to driving change!”

One post by X user JD Arland, which has gone on to receive international attention, goes so far as to call the advert “disgusting”, “tone deaf” and “completely unnecessary”.

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