Google courts adland with new Gemini AI tool

Google will expand the use of its new Gemini AI tool to help create campaigns for advertisers, the first time it has been integrated with advertising technology.

The move is a shift in traditional SEO advertising, with Gemini allowing advertisers to give Google the URL for a website landing page, and use it to create an AI generated search campaign.

Google will also offer up a conversational tool, which means that businesses can tell the search engine about campaign goals, with the search engine able to carry out optimisation based on the prompt.

The online giant has also revealed that its GenAI adverts will be watermarked with Google’s SynthID so that they are invisibly labelled as Gen AI content.

It comes amid fears about the link between AI and misinformation, with advertisers including Ogilvy looking for ways to protect and label artificially generated content.

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A blog post from Google VP and GM in Google Ads Shashi Thakur said: “As search becomes more visual, we’ve heard advertisers tell us that it can be challenging to create compelling images that drive performance.

“That’s why we designed the conversational experience to suggest images tailored to your campaign using generative AI and images from your landing page. This capability will be added over the coming months”.

The blog also asked advertisers to “stay tuned for more AI-powered updates to Google Ads in the year ahead”.

Last week, Samsung announced that it would add Google Gemini technology to the its newest smartphones, with the tool able to offer live translation and text-to-image applications.

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