The Office’s Brian Baumgartner spreads ‘marketing math’ across socials

Social media agency Kubbco has launched a tongue-in-cheek awareness campaign about the calculations marketers make, fronted by fresh ‘numbers guy’, The Office’s Brian Baumgartner.

In a series of 21 short clips for social, he explains the basics of ‘marketing math’ such as “spending this year’s leftover budget in order to keep next year’s budget safe”.

Inspired by viral Girl Math, Boy Math and CEO Math social media trends, the campaign will shed light on the tough decisions marketer’s must make to justify their silly (and sometimes not silly) behaviour.

The GirlMath trend on TikTok started as a joke about girls justifying their spending habits, especially around make up and other frivolous goods. However it has since been criticised for playing into harmful stereotypes.

Meanwhile, #marketingmath plays on the relationship between marketers and the  problems they must face in the wider business world with statements like “marketing math is spending this year’s leftover budget to help keep next year’s budget safe”.

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Since 15 November, Kubbco has been posting the regular clips almost daily, with paid media and learnings behind the clips aiming to dial in the audience.

“If you pay for next year’s social media agency before the end of December, next year is free. That’s #marketingmath”,  another video says.

In a self deprecating joke, another reads: “Marketing math is spending more money on a globally known actor instead of using their CFO to explain it because yeah it will get more views”.

Kubbco CEO and founder Chris Kubbernus said: “We’re hoping the recognisability of Brian and his character will resonate, while also sparking viewers to tell their own #MarketingMath stories across social media.”

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