CMOs say fake AI-generated spoofs are a brand’s ‘worst nightmare’

Brands are calling for greater AI governance after more than three-quarters (76%) of CMOs admit that AI-generated fake-brand partnerships are their “worst nightmare”.

More than 9 in 10 (93%) CMOs say that due to the growing use of AI – and the rising number of spoofs – protecting their brand has become even more important to their job role.

With user-generated brand parodies flooding social media – and fooling far too many people – CMOs are calling for greater governance around how the tech is implemented, according to the latest research from brand management platform Frontify.

As it grows in influence across the marketing industry, over three quarters (77%) of CMOs agree that striking the right balance between protecting the brand and stimulating creativity is key.

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Despite the potential dangers, many CMOs are open to using the emerging technology to their advantage.

Nearly 40% said they would use an unsolicited user-generated brand partnership to tap into social discussions and engage with new audiences, with one in ten (10%) even open to using the unsolicited creative in their own campaigns.

Despite unease surrounding the use of AI in relation to brands, senior marketers are open to experimenting with the emerging technology. In fact, the majority (77%) of CMOs are excited about the rising use of AI in branding, with 62% planning to invest in AI for their marketing programme this year.

Frontify founder and ceo Roger Dudler said: “Now that anyone with a browser can access publicly available AI tools, the million dollar question for CMOs is, how can they unleash the creative potential at the same time as protecting the equity of their brand?

“CMOs want brands to be at the centre of the conversation, but there’s a need to tread carefully. AI means creative control is more important than ever.”

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