Peroni to spend £3m on ‘refreshingly light’ Capri launch campaign

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is spending £3 million on the official launch of its new “refreshingly light” Peroni Capri, with a multichannel campaign designed to appeal to younger drinkers.

The campaign, aimed primarily at the 25 – 35 market, will run from the end of March and into the summer months across social media, traditional broadcast, video on demand and cinema as the premium lager looks to drive value growth across the £479m ‘sunshine beer’ category.

With a lower ABV (4.2%) than the brand’s core lager product, Peroni Capri is aimed at younger consumers looking for a lighter option. Inspired by the taste and scent of Capri, an island in Italy’s Bay of Naples, it also has a hint of Italian lemon.

Peroni marketing manager Anja Gottschalk told Marketing Beat that a significant proportion of the budget – over £1m – will be spent on delivering the OOH advertising alone.

The tagline across the Italian-themed campaign is ‘The taste that takes you there’.

“The idea is that, even if you’re in England and it’s raining outside, Peroni Capri can still give people that feeling of summer refreshment, and take them on the journey towards summer,” said Gottschalk.

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The first stage of the campaign launches in late March/early April with a focus on social media and influencer activity, alongside digital and YouTube content. A Spotify campaign will be running from the end of April, with the Italian-themed ad sitting on various playlists across the audio streaming platform.

A raft of targeted activity will be running across TV and video-on-demand from June, with cinema advertising also showing throughout July and August.

“We want to show the beer industry how much investment and support we’re giving Peroni Capri because that’s how much we believe in it,” said Gottschalk, adding that investing in cinema was a significant move for the brand.

“We only tend to only use cinema when there’s a big moment that we want to really amplify. We last used it a couple of years ago with our Aston Martin Formula One Campaign for Peroni 0% for James Bond, because – well, because it was Aston Martin!”

The OOH campaign will be across a mixture of impact sites nationwide including banners, hand-painted murals and D6 sheets campaign, giving the launch huge scale and visibility during June and July.

While influencers involved in the campaign are yet to be revealed, Gottschalk says the idea is that Peroni Capri “elevates and inspires” its target audience.

“We want to make sure that that we work with people who have with real talents in different areas, rather than just being famous for being famous,” she said. “We’re looking for influencers who can inspire people.”

Positioning the new drink as a premium-plus choice also focuses on highlighting its versatility across multiple social occasions. A year-round partnership with, the social platform that focuses on cooking, will see Peroni Capri either being used in their recipes or paired with their recipes.

A significant investment in grocery channels from next month will also ensure visibility with strong instore point-of-sale activity across all the major UK grocers.

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