Sweden for UNHCR ad depicts horrific nature of separated Ukrainian families

A Sweden for UNHCR ad has depicted the horrific situation Ukrainian families are facing amid the Russian invasion of their country.

The 30-second spot sees two young refugees fail to send the text “I miss you dad” due to a lack of mobile phone network.

Created by Swedish creative agency OKTO and directed by Mats Udd, the film highlights the fact that up to 14 million Ukrainians have had to leave their hometowns. A harrowing 90% of those who have left their homes are women and children.

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“We want to say that UNHCR stays on the ground and helps as long as needed. We illustrate this with the idea of a child’s connection to their father, not knowing if they are alive or not. This becomes very emotional but also close to us since we all have seen ‘Not Delivered,’ but meaning something else,” Sweden for UNHCR head of communication, Ulrika Nilsdotter-Brühl, said.

OKTO creative director Nick Christiansen, added. “‘Not Delivered’ alludes to the fact that children are afraid that the worst thing has happened to their fathers who have stayed to fight for their country. Not knowing if they are alive or not is highlighted by the red-colored words underneath the text message: Not Delivered. There is something powerful with just these two words. Those words that we generally associate with lousy reception or a minor technical malfunction. But in this context it can mean the absolute worst.”

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