Labour spends almost three times more than Tories on political ads

Labour has been spending almost three times more than the Conservatives on advertising, in the days following the 4 July election announcement.

On 26 May, Labour spent around £115,529, while the Conservatives spent just over £43,000 on Meta according to Who Targets Me.

Labour also spent far more on paid-for search across Google with Labour at £18,762 and the Conservatives at £1,285 (as of 25 May).

Statistics from the Institute for Government suggest that the Conservatives have traditionally spent more on campaigning than Labour – except for 2005 when the two parties were almost neck and neck in spending, with Labour forking out slightly more.

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In addition, both parties have tapped into TikTok. Labour has 121,300 followers on TikTok versus the Tories 36,600, as of 30 May.

@ukconservatives This will change lives #nationalservice #generalelection #uk #rishisunak ♬ original sound – Conservatives

The Conservatives most viewed video was Rishi Sunak’s announcement video about National Service.

Meanwhile, backlash videos against the policy – including tapping into TikTok’s ‘surprise, surprise’ trend, and an iconic Gemma Collins meme about not getting involved – are among Labour’s most viewed.

@uklabour Even his own MPs think Rishi Sunak’s plan isn’t working #generalelection #toriesout #ukelection #ukpolitics ♬ original sound – UKLabour

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