TikTok to lay off ‘large percentage’ of global content and marketing teams

Social media platform TikTok is set to lay off significant chunks of its global operations and marketing teams as it faces an existential crisis on the US market.

First reported by The Information and CNN, the lays offs are due to affect TikTok’s user support and communications teams as well as employees within its content and marketing divisions.

It is understood that a ‘large percentage’ of the approximately 1,000 employees within the affected teams could lose their jobs. The ByteDance-owned firm revealed in 2023 that it employed 7,000 across the US alone.

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TikTok’s current global user operations team is set to be disbanded in its entirety with remaining staff to be re-assigned to the trust and safety, marketing, content and product teams.

Despite facing a monumental challenge to its US operations, the move is not said to be related to current legal events and has instead been in the works potentially for as long as a year.

The social media site’s employees were made aware of the redundancies Tuesday (21 May) evening, via a message from head of operations Adam Presser and chief brand and communications officer Zenia Mucha.

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