Vanish continues autism focus with ‘More Than Just Clothes’ project

Stain removal brand Vanish is continuing its autism awareness work as it calls on the public to take its ‘More Than Just Clothes’ pledge, in a bid to shift societal perceptions of autism.

Building on the momentum from last year’s Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award-winning campaign – ‘Me, My Autism & I’, the new project has been created by Havas London, in partnership with Ambitious about Autism.

Launching at the start of World Autism Acceptance Month, the project is designed to continue the conversation around autism, while also driving behavioural change and increasing understanding of why clothes can help with sensory regulation, provide routine, acceptance and comfort.

Some 70% of autistic people believe their lives would improve if people understood why they have such specific clothing needs.

The ‘More Than Just Clothes’ pledge has been designed to help the public – as well as key decision-makers across schools, businesses and other settings – understand how they can support the needs of autistic people.

It asks people to use the mnemonic JUST – leave Judgement out of clothing, Understand different clothing needs, see clothes as Sensory tools and help everyone Thrive by wearing clothes they are comfortable in.

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“We’re so proud to work with Vanish and Ambitious about Autism for the second year running,” said Havas London creative director Kate Pozzi.

“We hope the pledge and remembering JUST will empower everyone to be better allies to the autistic community, go on a learning journey, and think about allowances we could all make around clothing. This is a resource that neurotypical and neurodiverse people alike can lean on, and use in life.”

Havas also partnered with directing duo the Tubby Brothers to create two 60-second documentary films, telling the stories of autistic teens Cozzie and Lani in their own words. The films bring to life their own personal stories, emphasising that no two autistic people’s experiences are the same.

Reckitt marketing director Elise Cockley said that, as a brand focused on driving clothing longevity,


Vanish “aims to deliver the best laundry care to everyone, especially to communities to whom making clothes live longer really matters”.

“With our creative and charity partners, we are so excited to share stories of two autistic girls, in their words, to make the clothing needs of autistic people be seen and heard in discourse, while encouraging everyone to become an ally and advocate to champion change.”

Television personality and autism awareness campaigner Christine McGuinness is also working with Vanish to drive awareness of the campaign, as are a selection of micro-influencers from key areas such as schools, businesses and sports, where change is most needed.

For every pledge signature, Vanish will donate £10 to Ambitious about Autism, up to a maximum of £50,000.

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