Watch: Carlsberg asks if the ‘best things come to the curious’

A new global brand campaign from Carlsberg asks if the ‘best things come to the curious’ by showcasing the beer brand’s heritage, which includes dancing Romans, modern-day clubbers and jazz singers.

Created by Fold7, the new campaign is based on the simple premise that the best things in life begin with a spark of curiosity, which is sadly tempered by the pressures of modern life. Carlsberg aims to reinvigorate curiosity with its latest campaign, which launches in the UK from 1 May.

The film and all related assets will run across BVOD, consumer, PR, CRM, OOH, social media, e-commerce and internal communications. It will also be accompanied by a range of in-store activations.

‘Do the best things begin with curiosity? Probably’ marks the first time Carlsberg has run a global campaign across all 120 markets, rolling it out across the UK, Asia, South America and Europe throughout 2024 and into 2025.

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Across the different mediums, the campaign centres Carlsberg’s hop leaf logo, with the symbol running across touchpoints and alongside the brand’s staple green identity.

“This campaign is rooted in the insight that we can push the boundaries of progress with curiosity, something that is intrinsic to our core values at Carlsberg. Our founder J.C. Jacobsen’s mantra was ‘Semper Ardens’, Latin for ‘always burning’,” said Carlsberg global brand director Lynsey Woods.

“We want to showcase, with a little fun, wit and entertainment, that we can all reinvigorate our curious side, and we hope the campaign does just that for beer drinkers across the world.”

Fold7 executive creative director Dave Billing added: “Carlsberg has a long and enviable legacy as a true entertainer, with a history of iconic advertising stretching back decades.

“With this campaign we hope we’ve done justice to that legacy, showcasing Carlsberg’s trademark wit, sense of fun and cinematic flair for a whole new generation of drinkers.”

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