Final frontier: Brands will be able to advertise on Moon by 2026

A lunar rover made by former NASA and SpaceX engineers is set to offer brands the chance to advertise their products on the surface of the Moon from as soon as 2026.

The bizarre development, which seems more akin to a science fiction film than bog-standard advertising, is the brainchild of California-based start-up Astrolab.

Due to send its ‘Flex’ rover to the moon’s surface in 2026 after inking a deal with Elon Musk’s SpaceX last year, Astrolab’s ambitious plans could open up an entirely new frontier in the battle for the human attention.

As part of its conquest to dominate the extra-terrestrial advertising market, the fledgling outfit has also signed a deal with creative professionals network Group of Humans to give businesses the opportunity to test and advertise their products on the lunar surface – ahead of Nasa’s planned permanent base.

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“Brands can really stand out as a result of putting themselves into this situation where there is no atmosphere and limited gravity,” said Group of Humans founder, Rob Noble.

You’re exposing your products to all sorts of ­extremes that will help you learn while proving to consumers that it’s really strong.

“Every day we move one step closer to a permanent community of moon dwellers, who will need artists, communicators, designers, chefs, writers and more,” he added.

“We are ensuring creativity has a place in the next moon landing, helping brands take the first leap into this new era.”

A slew of top global brands have already shown interest in the prospect, with Volvo looking to introduce a lunar highway code, Lego aiming to lay a keystone toy brick for the base and Nike currently developing low-gravity footwear.

According to Group of Humans, the rover will be able to carry as much as 1.5 tonnes of equipment, offering possibilities for telecommunications, art and construction.

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