E-commerce is king: Over half of CPG marketers see online shopping as top priority

Over half (57%) of CPG (consumer packaged goods) marketers see e-commerce as a top priority, highlighting the role of online shopping across the industry.

Further findings from Media Ocean’s ‘CPG Advertising Outlook Report’ include that 72% of those who took the survey said that they were planning to increase digital spending and video display spending.

E-commerce everywhere was ranked the most critical consumer trend, a reminder for the CPG industry to focus on omnichannel solutions,” the report’s conclusion highlights.

This included 67% who said they would do this for social media, and 56% who said they would do it for CTV, while half also said they would increase TikTok spending.Over half also said they would increase their retail media spending (54%), yet 43% said they would reduce it.

However, the outlook was worse for print, with just 5% saying they would increase spending and 45% expressing that they would decrease it.

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Other findings included that nearly all (94%) CPG marketers lamented that their media and creative were not fully synchronised, with brands over-indexing on media at the expense of creative creative, despite consumers responding to customised experiences.

In addition, when asked about Gen AI, CPG marketers said they were far keener to use it for data analysis (41%) and market research (29%) over copywriting (25%) and image generation (12%).

“Generative AI, particularly ChatGPT, has captured everyone’s attention, leading to a shift in focus and resource allocation.”

“2024 promises to be the year that AI moves from speculative use cases to practical day-to-day applications – particularly in the areas of data analysis and market research”.

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