91% of shoppers won’t buy from brands with ‘intrusive’ ads

Intrusive adverts that interrupt consumers’ shopping journeys or browsing history risk lower engagement risk consumers turning away from brands and retailers.

The data on intrusive adverts, revealed by performance marketing channel Wunderkind in its latest ‘Kindness in Advertising’ report, is based on research of 1000 digital-active shoppers.

The figures showed that 70% believe advertisers don’t respect digital experience, while a further 95% reported that their content consumption is disrupted by intrusive ads.

In addition, 9 in 10 (92%) of shoppers believe adverts are becoming more intrusive, both watering down on-site user experience and interrupting their buying journeys.

Other effects of Intrusive ads include lower engagement, and critically lower conversion rates, limited the effectiveness of ads and significantly lowering marketing ROI and ROAS (return on ad spend.

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The poll also shed light on how 91% of shoppers who won’t make purchases or will abandon brands who serve ads they believe to be too intrusive.

Wunderkind’s report was supported by a separate study by Bulbshare that revealed the challenges to marketers are even greater, with intrusive ads and disruptive advertising promoting 99% of Gen Z consumers to frequently skip ads.

“Ads are quite often cast as the bad guys. But the truth is that when ads are served at the right time, to the right user, in the right – and often in a more organic – way, consumers are happy and willing to meaningfully engage.,” said Wunderkind International head of advertising, Amy Pearce.

“In the same way that retailers and brands focus on personalising the shopping experience, brands need to consider how and when an ad is best served to consumers in order to create the user-first advertising experiences that drives up engagement and ROI-generating conversions.”

The report comes amid existing research by a YouGov survey that revealed that two in five podcast listeners (42%) find ads intrusive and skip them entirely.

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