Channel 4 and Boots merge customer data for better ad targeting

Channel 4 has partnered with Boots in a move which will allow the retailer to more accurately target customers using the public broadcaster’s streaming platform.

By using software firm Infosum’s ‘data clean room’ technology, 24 million users of Channel 4’s VOD service have been successfully matched to their respective Boots Advantage Card accounts.

Infosum’s solution will now enable Channel 4 and Boots to target viewers with bespoke ads based on their purchasing patterns.

The move will also give Boots’ advertisers the chance to gain highly detailed and speedy measurement of the impact of their campaigns.

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Calling the agreement a “significant milestone”, Boots omni-media director, Ollie Shayer said that it “demonstrated [their] commitment to innovation and [their] shared belief that data-driven marketing is the future of advertising.”

He added that they were now “confident that this new offering would be a game-changer for brands, and that [they were] excited to see the results as [they] roll it out.”

Brokered by Channel 4’s commercial arm, 4sales, the partnership follows on from a collaboration between the broadcaster and Nectar360 in November.

A similar development was rolled out last year by ITV in partnership with Boots and Tesco, matching up both Advantage Card and Clubcard users to its ITVX streaming database.

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