Fentimans creates world’s longest advert with an 168-hour film

Fentimans has created the world’s longest advert as part of an integrated campaign designed to celebrate the brand’s slow but unique botanic brewing process.

Developed and executed by the strategic and creative advertising agency Orange Panther Collective, the brand will also run a billboard campaign led by media strategy and buying agency UM, alongside Video on Demand and paid social media activity.

The advert, authentic to the brand’s North East roots, is filmed in the Northumberland countryside and will run from 1 June for seven days at a total of 168 hours – 154 hours longer than the current record holder, Old Spice.

Airing on the soft drinks and mixers brand’s website, www.longestadvertever.com, the ad will take place in the countryside close to Sycamore Gap.

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The extended film will see Fentimans’ ‘Master Brewer’ attempting to keep himself entertained by engaging in activities throughout the brewing process; from juggling and plate spinning to yoga and learning Bulgarian.

Accompanying the campaign, Fentimans has also partnered with Global Street Art to create a slow seven-day mural of the brand’s Rose Lemonade drink.

The mural will appear on Thomas Street in Manchester and feature hand-painted roses with the message ‘it takes seven days to make something amazing’.

Fentimans marketing director Jayne Andrews said: “The 7 Day Botanical Brewing process is what gives our drinks the distinct and complex depth of flavour our customers know and love. What better way to bring our slow process to life, than to set it up for 7 Days for the world to see.”

In addition to the advert, Fentimans is running a consumer competition which gives viewers the opportunity to win prizes based on finding the timestamp of one of eight ‘surprises’ that occur throughout the 168 hours of footage.

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