Corona highlights plastic pollution crisis with thought-provoking spot

To raise awareness of World Ocean Day (8 June) Mexican beer brand Corona has released a thought-provoking clip bringing attention to the urgent plastic pollution problem affecting the world’s marine environments.

In the Wieden+Kennedy produced short film, the AB Inbev-owned brand highlights its own commitment to having a net-zero plastic footprint in the hopes of inspiring individuals and brands to think more deeply about the impact of plastic pollution on the planet, and how they themselves may be contributing to the issue.

As part of Corona’s commitment to net-zero plastic, the brand led a conservation-style activation on a Yucatán beach last month with a short message written into the sand, in which the 77 letters used were written using discarded plastic collected from the beach, illustrating the true scale of the plastic pollution issue.

The 77 letters inspired the New York agency’s short ’77 Earths’ film, which urges the public to do what they can to preserve our planet, as there are not an infinite number of Earths to allow us to continue making the same mistakes.

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“World Oceans Day is an opportunity to reflect and understand the human impact on vital natural resources. With Corona’s long-standing history of protecting paradise, we needed to send an important message to the world,” Corona global vice president, Felipe Ambra said.

“We created this plastic letter installation to highlight that it’s time for action, not just words. We must act urgently to continue to protect our oceans from daily plastic pollution, and we hope this visual inspires others to re-evaluate the role and impact they can have.”

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