Ocado Zoom rebrand blighted by Russian ‘Zwastika’ comparison


Ocado Zoom’s planned brand refresh has hit a major snag this week after social media users pointed out that the rapid delivery service’s logo bears striking similarities to the ‘Z’ symbol used by invading Russian troops in Ukraine.

Initially daubed onto Russian tanks in order to differentiate themselves from Ukrainian troops, the ‘Z’ symbol has now become widely associated with pro-war sentiment in Russia and has been repurposed by the Kremlin propaganda machine as a pro-Putin, pro-invasion emblem.

Amid growing criticism, an Ocado statement released on Thursday read: “In light of current circumstances we are making a small change to an icon ahead of our upcoming Zoom by Ocado rebrand.”

“Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and everyone impacted by Russia’s invasion of their country.

“The human tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, and the refugee crisis along its borders, has shocked the world.”


Ocado was at pains to point out it had contributed £150,000 to the DEC Ukraine crisis appeal, which is providing “food, first aid, shelter, medicine, clothes and other aid to those most in need.”

The controversy comes only days after Ocado Zoom announced its intention to rebrand as ‘Zoom by Ocado’, with a new logo in tow.

The fact that Ocado Zoom unveiled its new logo over three weeks after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the emergence of the ‘Z’ symbol, has led numerous industry experts to question the delivery service’s lack of awareness.

Founder and CEO of PR agency emerge Emily M Austen struck a bewildered tone as she told The Grocer: “It’s not usually the longest page in a brand briefing document but ‘avoidance of invasion-based logo likeness’ is usually a given.”

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