Melanoma UK enlists ‘Beauty Spotters’ in new life-saving awareness campaign

A new campaign from Melanoma UK and T&Pm looks to bust misconceptions around skin cancer, using an awareness-driving nail sticker kit.

Conceived by T&Pm Pakistani-Hungarian duo Armna Khan and Eszter Boldov, the ‘Beauty Spotters’ campaign aims to raise awareness of acral melanoma, the most common type of skin cancer in Black and Brown skin.

Activated with T&Pm’s sister agency Halpern PR, the campaign to turn nail technicians, beauty salons and nail art influencers into ‘Beauty Spotters’ with life-saving knowledge, will take place throughout May 2024 with a launch feature running in Cosmopolitan magazine. 

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The sticker kit showcases the watch-out signs of Acral Melanoma and comes with a handy information pack.

“This campaign shows the power of creativity to affect meaningful change, using the humblest and most accessible of beauty accessories – nail stickers – to land its message in a way you can’t ignore. In doing  so we aim to turn every mani into a life-saving movement,” said T&Pm ECD Toby Allen.

“Beauty Spotters is our launch campaign for Melanoma Awareness Month this year. As a charity, we are expanding our efforts beyond traditional discussions of solely sun-related skin cancers,” added Melanoma UK CEO Mark Rawden.

“Our focus has been sharpened around not just raising awareness, but campaigning for behaviour change to increase the likelihood of melanoma being spotted amongst all people,” he continued.

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