Gymbox taps into UK’s dog obsession with Gymbarx classes

Gymbox is tapping into the increasing number of Brits who are taking their pet obsession to the next level by introducing classes which allow gymgoers to bring their dog along to workouts.

The bold move is the London gym chain’s response to the sharp increase in pet ownership since the beginning of the pandemic, as well as the fact that two-thirds of Brits spend more on their dogs than themselves, with Gen Z on top as the biggest spenders.

The dog-only class, named Gymbarx, aims to combine a convenient pet-sitting service for gymgoers with a chance to exercise their furry friends with a fun and engaging class.

An estimated 54% of pet dogs are overweight or obese, so Gymbarx provides an opportunity for humans and dogs to get fit, with a focus on agility, endurance and explosive power.

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Classes up the intensity as they go along, starting with yoga and downward dog stretching before moving into fence jumps, furpees and leash pulls and ending with tennis ball track sprints and a brutal ‘hair of the dog’ HIIT finisher.

Gymbox brand and marketing director Rory McEntee said: “All pet owners know how tricky it can be to leave their pet at home while they head down to the gym.

“With more and more Londoners looking for new ways to treat their pets, it made perfect sense to not only let dogs visit Gymbox but to create their very own fitness class.”

“We’re always looking for ways to offer our members something extra special, and allowing them to bring their dogs along for their very own workout seemed a no-brainer. Gymbarx is a first for London, and maybe even the world.”

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