Royal Marines Commandos search for elite state of mind with latest TV ad

The Royal Navy is targeting young people who want to test their limits in its latest TV ad campaign for the Royal Marines Commandos.

Developed by creative agency House 337, the campaign will look to recruit highly driven individuals to enter into one of the British’s Armed Force’s flagship elite units.

Spearheaded by a 60-second hero film, the creative explores the extraordinarily resilient mindset needed to succeed as a Royal Marines Commando and looks to inspire the next generation of recruits to push themselves as far as physically possible.

House 337 have cleverly tapped into a compelling insight around the attraction of the Royal Marines, and most importantly what it takes to become one,” Royal Navy head of marketing, Paul Colley said.

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“We hope that “Within you is the best you” captures our audience’s imagination and encourages them to see whether they have that `State of Mind’.

The ad marks House 337’s first work for the Royal Marines since retaining the Royal Navy account late last year at the conclusion of a successful pitch process.

House 337 creative director, Katy Hopkins added: “To become a Royal Marines Commando it takes a combination of physical strength, agility and incredible mental fortitude to keep going when others cannot. In this campaign we wanted to spark a sense of recognition in those individuals.”

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