Kids Industries announces ‘Global Family’ Conference to share results of extensive international study

Family-focused marketing agency Kids Industries (KI) has today (6 February) announced the ‘Global Family conference’ to be held at Conway Hall in London on 21 March.

The event will also mark the agency’s 20th anniversary and will feature fresh insights from its extensive Global Family Study report, which includes information from 5,000 families across 10 countries.

Open to 200 visitors, KI is now inviting members of the licensing, toy, gaming, edtech and sustainability sectors to register their interest.

The conference’s main aim will to bring attendees together in order to optimise collaboration, in order to create what the agency calls a ‘truly global vision’ for the future of the industry.

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“After listening to 5,000 families across the world and understanding what it means to be them in 2023, we’re gearing up to share our top findings and key learnings with event attendees,” KI CEO and co-founder Gary Pope said.

“It’s going to be an unforgettable afternoon. Not only will we be sharing brand new insights, we’ll also be hosting a series of unique sessions exploring how to create brands, products, services and IPs that connect with global families. There might even be a few surprises, too.”

With an opening keynote delivered by KI’s strategy director, Jelena Stosic, the event will then explore the study’s findings alongside three key ‘stories’: ‘What exactly is fandom, why is it important to us and how do we create devoted fans?’, ‘Where is the love?’ and ‘What will the future look like?’

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