Sainsbury’s and Ogilvy ‘pear’ up to battle the sour cost-of-living-crisis

Sainsbury’s has unveiled a nationwide campaign to help customers battle the cost-of-living crisis through its SmartShop app.

The campaign, created by agency Ogilvy UK, uses light-hearted food-related wordplay to bring to life the ways in which SmartShop can save consumers money.

The supermarket’s app allows customers to shop, scan and checkout autonomously, while the technology tracks purchases to unlock tailored product deals based on historical favourites.

The fully integrated campaign, that includes a 30-second TV spot, will roll out across TV, out-of-home (OOH), radio, social, in-store and email.

Phrases like both replace fruit-related words with images, to draw attention in a ‘charming and fun way’.

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“For a customer to break their deeply engrained shopping habits, even where there’s a compelling reason to, is difficult,” Sainsbury’s brand communications director Radha Davies said.

“Millions of Nectar customers have access to personalised prices at Sainsbury’s, and we wanted them to know about it. Using behaviourally driven insights that focused on the ease of use, the many benefits of SmartShop in conjunction with food focused creative has created impactful and identifiably Sainsbury’s creative.”

sainsburys ogilvy smartshop

The campaign will run until the end of the year.

Ogilvy UK executive creative directors Johnny Watters and Angus George added: “While most supermarkets have their apps, SmartShop is different and adds tangible value.”

“Not only was the campaign guided by insights from our Behavioural Science team, but in this time of rampant economic uncertainty providing any kind of financial control is a vital message – and doing so in a way that is playful and entertaining, rather than doom and gloom, was part of our mission.”

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