Zurich Insurance to scrap historic logo over ‘Zwastika’ fears


Zurich Insurance is set to scrap its iconic white ‘Z’ logo, over concerns that it may be too similar to the ‘Z’ symbol that has become associated with pro-war Russian expansionism.

The Swiss insurer has acted to remove material featuring the ‘Z’ logo in isolation over fears it may be ‘misinterpreted’.

A short statement given to The Telegraph read: “We are temporarily removing the use of the letter ‘Z’ from social channels where it appears in isolation and could be misinterpreted.

“We’re monitoring the situation closely and will take further actions if and when required.

“The Zurich brand has been around for 150 years. It is a trusted brand and we have proven our ability to change and respond to challenges over time.”

Just over a month ago, invading Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine daubed with a white, painted ‘Z’. The simple marker is used to differentiate Russian military vehicles from those belonging to the Ukrainian army.

However, the symbol has now taken on an entirely different meaning, and has come to embody jingoistic, pro-Putin support within Russia.


Zurich Insurance’s logo, a white ‘Z’ on a blue circular background has allowed the group to create a globally recognisable brand image.

However, the 150-year-old company now faces the difficult task of tweaking its vastly successful 25-year-old logo, while hopefully having minimal impact on brand recognition.

Following accusations of war crimes against Russian troops, management clearly felt that any association, no matter how tenuous, could cause serious damage to the insurer’s reputation.

The Swiss giant, one of the ten largest insurance firms in Europe, has now acted to decrease its presence in the Russian market and will no longer take on any new domestic customers.

The news follows Ocado Zoom’s announcement last week confirming that it too intended to re-think its logo, a white ‘Z’ on a pink background, over concerns that it may draw associations with pro-Putin sentiment.

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