Co-op faces angry backlash over ‘insensitive’ Euros ad

The Campaign for Pubs has strongly criticised the Co-op’s latest Euros ad in which the retailer encourages people to ‘stay in’ instead of going to the pub to watch the football.

Calling the ad ‘disgraceful’, publicans have now called for the 10-second spot to be taken off the air with immediate effect as its asks customer to stay in “with two pizzas and four beers” as part of the Co-op’s Euros deal.

The ad goes on to denigrate the football viewing experience in pubs, claiming that it’s “hard to see the screen” – which has unsurprisingly led to considerable irritation among pub owners.

In an open letter to the retailer, publicans wrote: “You and your management team must surely be aware of what a challenging time it is for pubs and publicans, yet here you are, a supposedly ethical business, openly and deliberately undermining pubs and publicans’ livelihoods at this difficult time. It frankly beggars belief.

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“At the time when businesses in England should be uniting in support of the national football team, the Co-op has instead cynically and shamelessly sought to attack another important business sector to try to boost your own profits from the tournament.”

The debate comes at a sensitive time for pubs and their owners with over 800 pubs entering into insolvency across 2023, equating to the highest number seen in over a decade.

Responding to the claims, a Co-op spokesperson told Sky News: “The 10-second advert is a light-hearted way of highlighting to our members and customers that, if they have made the choice to stay in to watch the football, we have a cracking pizza and beer deal they can purchase to enjoy in their homes, with the sole intention of providing great value on relevant products which customers tell us they want, especially at a time when the cost of living is high.”

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