Gymshark returns to its roots with new brand platform

Sportswear brand Gymshark is launching a new brand platform as it looks to position itself as the go-to destination for athleisure amid a marketplace that is rapidly becoming saturated.

‘We Do Gym’ will underpin all of the brand’s marketing activity for the next 12 months and will focus on activities directly related to the gym – highlighting the brand’s gym-first values.

Shot by LA-based commercial and editorial photographer‘ Justin Bettman, the creative will celebrate the ‘if you know, you know, truths’ that run at the heart of gym culture such as ‘pre-workout zoomies’, powerlifters chewing their calloused hands and the staple diet of chicken, rice, broccoli.

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“At Gymshark, we’ve never really followed in the footsteps of anybody else – and we’re getting very intentional about that. People sometimes mistake us for a sports brand or an athleisure brand – but we’re a gym brand; that’s a new idea to many,” Gymshark chief brand officer, Noel Mack said.

“But to us, it’s our reason for existing and for our community, it’s their reason to believe in us. In a world of fast scrolling and short attention spans, we wanted to find a way to tell consumers everything they need to know about us in the shortest most understandable way we could, and I think we pulled it off

Strategically, the campaign will strive to be honest, bringing a unified singularity to Gymshark’s brand personality – based on its humble beginnings when it was founded out of a garage by 19 year-old Ben Francis.

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