Lipton unveils Baywatch-inspired summer campaign

Lipton Ice Tea is looking to ‘Save Our Summer’ (SOS) with series of five new ads positioning the iconic soft drink as the perfect seasonal accompaniment.

Developed by creative agency Adam&EveDDB, the campaign will run throughout Europe and stars the ‘SOS Squad’ on their mission to help improve everyone’s summer.

Set to a remix of 90s hit ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’, the summer-infused campaign looks and feels like something of a Baywatch spoof, marking an interesting creative divergence for the heritage brand.

“It’s a bold departure from past work on Lipton Ice Tea, which has depicted a more idealised version of summer,” Adam&EveDDB creative director, Mark Shanley said.

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Let’s face it, some bits of summer suck, and by using humour to face the more troublesome truths of the season we are keeping Lipton Ice Tea’s summer spirit alive while delivering a more memorable take on a much-loved summer drink.”

Breaking this weekend, ‘Save Our Summer’ is estimated to reach over 200 million customers in France, Turkey and Poland alone. Supporting the films will be a suite of social media, digital and in-store activations.

Lipton marketing director, Cathy Graham-Kidd added: “After a long cold winter, we all want summer to be perfect – and yet it’s often the small things that get in the way of that! So, Lipton Ice tea is ready, willing and able, to save your summer from thirst emergencies – and many other summer niggles – by any means unnecessary.

“In fact, the more bizarre and over-the-top the solution, the better. The tone of this campaign is playful, cheeky and entertaining – and we’re excited to work with content creators and entertainers to make it hyper relevant within our markets.”

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