M&S takes over Oxford Circus tube with summer-scented activation

M&S is bringing the scent of summer to the heart of London with an out-of-home takeover of the iconic Oxford Circus tube station.

Devised by creative agency Mother London, the sun cream-scented activation is part of an innovative, multi-sensorial push which forms a key part of the retailer’s ongoing summer 2024 campaign while getting commuters in the summer spirit.

The tube station takeover will include film content appearing on digital screens next to bright pink vinyl-wrapped floors, blue sky-coloured ceilings and sun lotion-scented posters showcasing the M&S summer collection.

“Our latest campaign for M&S engages multiple senses to create a more immersive and memorable experience, and as we know from science-backed studies, scent has emerged as a particularly powerful tool in forging emotional connections and brand recall,” Mother Design partner and ECD, Kirsty Minns said.

“Using the evocative scent of sun lotion, we’re transporting people to the antithesis of the underground – an M&S-inspired summer paradise.”

The installation follows on from the retailer’s dance-music infused spot created by the same agency earlier this month, with Marks & Spencer looking to transport commuters to a summer paradise while also broadening its appeal and elevating style perceptions.

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Created using media owner Global’s Aromaco technology, the scent of sun cream has been daubed onto the posters during the production process to add a 360 dynamic to the experience.

The tech – which is exclusive to the London Underground network – involved applying a thin layer of aromatic oil to the posters during the print process, which left the scent behind in an invisible layer of microscopic bubbles.

M&S marketing director clothing and home, Anna Braithwaite added: “Summer is a time when our customers are prioritising socialising and making the most of the warmer weather and the lighter evenings. It’s also a time when we want to have a bit of fun with our wardrobe.

“We want effortless style, versatile pieces for day-to-night dressing and pops of colour to reflect the mood of the season.

“So, this year we’ve bottled up everything we know our customers love about summer and added a dash of poolside glamour to create a vibrant and infectious campaign serving up style inspiration that will be impossible to miss!”

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