‘Pessimism is out’: Cynic-busting Rainforest Alliance campaign inspires action

The Rainforest Alliance has launched a brand new campaign with the aim of busting pessimism and inspiring action ahead of COP28 later this month.

The campaign highlights the importance of collective action, with a light hearted film directed by Max Joseph featuring a climate hero protagonist who regains her optimism to take measures to reduce her impact on the environment.

Featuring a cameo appearance from TikTok creator Dylan Page (aka NewsDaddy) and backed by global influencers including model and activist Kenya Grace, actress Alicia Silverstone and campaigner Isaias Hernandez, the film showcases how to tackle climate sceptics.

It draws on new research commissioned by the charity which revealed that 76% of participants were concerned about climate change, while 70% believed they could positively make a difference.

However, the study also found that 25% of people expressed scepticism about their ability to do so; it also found that climate action is contagious with 56% of people saying they felt encouraged to take action when those around them took action.

A further 47% agreed they would take action if they knew everyone was doing the same and 58% said they had confidence in people’s ability to tackle climate change if we all work together.

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Max Joseph said: “Collaborating with the Rainforest Alliance on this campaign allowed me to confront my own challenges in combatting climate change – particularly overcoming my inner cynicism, which is probably one of the biggest universal impediments to everyone doing their part”.

“Despite the critical voice in our heads and what we are sometimes led to believe, individuals hold the power to help drive change in the world,” said Rainforest Alliance director of brand marketing Marco Maggiorotto.

“Our ‘Pessimism is out. We’re all in!’ campaign and landing page champions every day actions that can have a positive impact on our planet. From reducing energy consumption and lifting our voices to inspire ingredients, like those carrying the Rainforest Alliance seal,” he added.

“From reducing energy consumption and lifting our voices to inspire others, to consciously choosing products with more sustainably sourced ingredients, like those carrying the Rainforest Alliance seal. We don’t have to do it perfectly. Every action counts”.

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