Cancer Research UK breaks new ground with first-ever actionable audio ad

Cancer Research UK has this week launched its first-ever actionable audio advert to enable listeners to sign up for their flagship ‘Race for Life’ events.

Developed in partnership with voice assistant adtech firm Say It Now, the bespoke ad will allow smart speaker listeners to access a direct sign-up link on their phone by saying “Alexa, Open Race for Life”.

The charity’s decision to enter into the audio ad-space was triggered by research from neuro analysis firm Neuro Insight which suggested that branded smart speaker ads trigger a 25% increase in overall brain activity when compared to branding in standard audio ads – whilst engaging with such ads made content 11% more memorable.

“We are thrilled to support Cancer Research UK generate sign-ups for its Race for Life events using our interactive voice technology,” Say It Now CEO, Charlie Cadbury said.

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“The actionable audio advert is quick and easy to use, has a clear call to action and can send a sign-up link directly to phones. By reaching a growing number of smart speaker listeners, this can help drive awareness and donations to fund laboratories, tests and treatments.”

Currently celebrating its 30th year, Race for Life now comprises hundreds of events nationwide, and has raised nearly £940 million to fight cancer over the last quarter-century.

Cancer Research UK senior events marketing manager, Lucy Salazar added: “We are proud to lead the way when it comes to using smart, actionable advertising to drive awareness and participation for Race for Life.

“By joining forces with Say It Now, we can have a two-way conversation with new and existing followers and encourage them to sign up by following the send-to-phone link. The seamless brand experience and clear call to action will increase sign-ups and, ultimately, boost all important donations for Cancer Research UK.”

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