WeAre8’s ad attention is blowing other social media platforms out of the water, study finds

Purpose-driven social media app, WeAre8, is attracting almost five times more attention to ads in comparison to other social platforms.

A three-month study titled ‘Eyes Wide Open’ – conducted by Lumen, Scope3 and Havas Media Group UK – has explored the attention metrics behind social media advertising and provided preliminary insights into how much attention is generated relative to the carbon emissions each platform emits when delivering an advert.

WeAre8 is a social network that pays its users every time they watch an ad, with money also going to charity and climate solutions. As a certified B Corporation, the platform is committed to ‘putting people and the planet first’.

The study found that WeAre8’s opt-in video advertising achieves the longest ad viewing time and also the highest share of attention – exactly 4.7 times more than other social app.

More than 8 in 10 people who participated in the study were able to recal the brand after exposure on WeAre8, and on average, there was a 19% increase in the likelihood of people choosing a brand as a result of opting-in to view an ad on the environmentally friendly app.

Based on preliminary data from Scope3, WeAre8’s advertising model also allows clients to receive more than 200 seconds of attention per gram of CO2 emitted – 13 times more attention per gram of carbon emitted than the nearest social platform (TikTok).

A whopping 80% of the study participants admitted that their main drive to watch ads was being paid so they could pay it forward to a charity or cause. A further 72% agreed the opt-in experience made them feel valued as a consumer, and 68% agreed the advertising experience made them want to learn more about the brand.


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“It’s not often you see such consistent results from a digital advertising model as we have seen with this study,” Lumen lead attention consultant, Amelia Wallis, said. “The longer the ad creative played on WeAre8, the higher the attention outcome. It’s a great message for brands looking to revisit how they can replicate that long-form storytelling once found on TV and replicate that in a mobile-first world.”

WeAre8 chief commercial officer, Laura Chase, added: “The study clearly highlights the benefits of advertising on WeAre8 – from attention, recall, brand choice, positive sentiment, through to action – it also proves brands can deliver better results in a kinder, fairer and more planet-friendly way. WeAre8 is the only social platform globally that enables brands to develop and implement a responsible media strategy, returning 60% of investment to people and the planet.”

Havas Media Group UK head of planning, Jackie Lyons, concluded: “Attention and sustainability are hot topics right now. As an agency we believe both are important to the future growth of brands. Every social channel has its own superpower, and this study has shown that certainly for WeAre8, premium video delivered with low carbon is theirs.”

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