Bring back Bounty! Celebrations’ festive spot pokes fun at ‘Bounty-less’ tub trial

Confectioner Mars Wrigley has poked fun at its decision to trial ‘Bounty-less’ versions of its iconic ‘Celebrations’ tubs this year, with a playful spot that sees the ‘unloved and unwanted’ Bounty bar going solo.

Mars Wrigley had announced last week that it would be trialling a ‘limited-run’ of Bounty-less tubs after the results of a survey indicated that 40% of respondents ‘hated’ the coconut-filled treat.

Acting as a sequel to last year’s ‘Lonely Bounty’ spot, this year’s offering takes direct aim at the emotionally formulaic John Lewis ads and features an original parody song.

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Mars Wrigley has thus far held fire on axing Bounty altogether, after the overall trend was found to be more uncertain with a further survey indicating that 58% of Britons would miss Bounty if it was permanently removed, whilst 18% of respondents considered Bounty to be their favourite sweet.

“Bounty has always been a divisive presence in the Celebrations tub, but no matter which side of the debate you stand, our film teaches an important lesson; you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,” Mars Wrigley’s head of Celebrations ‘festive cheer’, Emily Owen said.

“We’re urging fans who want to keep Bounty in the tub to show their support with #BringBackBounty before we make our final decision on whether Bounty-less tubs are the future of Celebrations.”

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