Asics hijacks toxic ‘weight loss’ searches to spread positive message

Asics has launched a disruptive new campaign entitled ’15 minute weight loss’, which challenges the concept of a “quick fix”.

The SEO-driven ‘Asics #15MinuteWeightLoss campaign, created by Golin, features partnerships with fitness and body positivity influencers including Em Clarkson and Scottee.

In the video, the pair appear to be about to give each other another instant results weight loss video before revealing that just 15 minutes of exercise can take the weight off your mind.

The campaign is designed to highjack SEO and redirect searches for “weight loss exercise” to Asics content celebrating the mental benefits of movement, with the aim of helping to balance the growing obsession with physical change with a mental health message.

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It comes as new research from Asics reveals that 42% of adults feel that seeing ‘rapid weight loss’ content makes them insecure and negatively impacts their mental health.

Meanwhile, 59% of people believe that celebrity weight loss content is the worst thing on social media for people’s mental health, and 70% say that seeing weight loss content on social media doesn’t motivate them to exercise.

Moreover, according to the research 80% of UK adults believe that the media’s focus on celebrity bodies negatively impacts self-esteem.

Previous self-esteem focused messaging from Asics has seen the brand encourage adults to embrace a less judgemental and more child-like playful attitude towards exercise.

The integrated campaign was developed and executed by Golin with paid media by Le Pub and paid search by Root Network and digital by Born 05.

Paid media was carried out by Le Pub , with paid search conducted by Root Network and digital by Born05.

“The increasing focus on exercise purely as a tool for weight loss is worrying. Research shows that society’s obsession with exercising for the “perfect” body is adding pressure and putting people off exercise,” said Asics EMEA EVP Gary Raucher.

“Today’s campaign is a crucial reminder for people to move for their minds, and not just for how it changes their bodies,” he continued.

Golin chief creative officer Alex Wood added: “Rapid weight loss culture and content is warping peoples’ relationship with exercise and their bodies.”

“Just talking about the problem is ineffective, so this campaign aims to interrupt online search behaviour where it happens – challenging the pressure to grind One’s way to a slimmer figure, while reminding of the mental benefits of movement.”

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