Keeping the cow: How Shaken Udder’s rebrand will be shaking up the milk sector

Shaken Udder is a brand on the up. The milkshake firm has laid solid foundations over the past 18 years, steadily building its reach across all the major UK grocers.

Having experienced spectacular growth over the past 48 months, the premium milkshake brand has earmarked 2022 as the year to launch a nationwide promotional assault while also rebranding its popular and instantly-recognisable logo.

Shaken Udder’s senior brand manager, Paras Arora identified a targeted brand campaign as the missing piece to help it truly take on the big boys in the flavoured milk sector.

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Taking on the big boys

“Digital out-of-home just felt right for us…We’ll end up being seen around 19 million times, which is vast for a brand like ours.”

The husband-and-wife owned firm has come a long way since 2004, when Andy and Jodie Howie began selling Shaken Udder milkshakes at festivals.

Its products are now available across all the major UK grocers and the brand has a £21 million retail sales value to boot. Having recently secured key investment, the brand decided that now is the right time for a concerted promotional push.

Paras Arora revealed that this is set to be Shaken Udder’ biggest-ever marketing campaign and explains that the change in direction for the small, family-owned firm has been driven by its desire to truly grow its brand awareness, and marketing has been identified as key factor in achieving that goal.

After considering various campaign options, Shaken Udder decided that an out-of-home push would be optimal in efforts to increase public awareness:

“We wanted to try and get the brand out there from a messaging perspective in a mass way, and we looked at above-the-line, and thought that’s a fantastic method of marketing to really try and spread the word.”

“Digital out-of-home just felt right for us to tap into those on-the-go moments. We’re going to be across approximately 400 screens; on roadsides, near major supermarkets and key retailers, on the London Underground and in railway stations – even shopping malls.

“The creative will predominantly be featured around London, the North-West and Yorkshire as well. We’re targeting around about 22 million but we’ll probably end up being seen around about just over 19 million times which is pretty amazing and pretty vast for a brand like ours.”

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Aiming for number one

“Our vision is to go and be the number one player within the entire market. From a marketing perspective we’ve got some great plans lined up.”

Having now firmly established itself among the top five milkshake brands in the country in terms of total coverage, Shaken Udder has big plans for the coming 12 months.

With the launch of its inaugural nationwide marketing campaign, Shaken Udder has set its sights firmly on becoming market leader in the flavoured milk sector: “Essentially our vision is to go and be the number one player within the entire market and from a marketing perspective we’ve got some great plans lined up,” Arora said.

The brand will also invest much more heavily marketing campaigns and materials, as it looks to truly drive its market share. The upcoming out-of-home campaign is set to be the first of many: “I only see growth into the future for the brand, particularly from a marketing perspective.

“We’re investing a lot of money in marketing to accelerate that growth and help support our brand awareness. I have no doubt that we will be doing more and more campaigns, particularly over the summer period and across the year.”

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Keeping the cow

“We are on an evolution journey rather than a revolution journey. It won’t be so drastically different that you won’t be able to recognise us.”

To truly move the brand on to the next phase in its development, Arora revealed that he will be overseeing an extensive rebrand, which will not only involve a revamped logo but also updated packaging.

The primary idea behind the rebrand is to better position the brand as a premium product: “It’s something that I’ve been working on quite heavily over the past months. From early summer onwards, you will start to see some new designs of our packaging rolled out into the market.”

Shaken Udder will be refreshing its current branding and packaging to fully reflect the brand’s premium image and high quality.

“People absolutely love the taste and flavour of the products but our packaging doesn’t quite resonate that taste and premiumness, so that’s when the project started kicking off.

“We’re now doing a huge rebrand to make our packaging look a lot more tasty and a lot more delicious, and also bringing in premium cues, because that’s what sets us aside compared to our competitors.”

In terms of specific changes, Arora confirmed that the longstanding Shaken Udder logo will change for the first time in nine years: “We are keeping the cow which is our key recognisable asset with shoppers and consumers so we have to keep that.

“The words Shaken Udder, the way that logo looks, the way the brand name sits and where the cow is placed will be altering ever so slightly.”

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Size matters

“Working at a smaller company, really, really excites me a hell of a lot more so now than working at a bigger company.”

Having previously worked for larger firms including Unilever and Diageo, Arora also enthused about the benefits of working for a smaller company, and the greater creative freedoms that result from it.

“Working at a smaller company, really, really excites me a hell of a lot more so now than working at a bigger company. Particularly in marketing, you get involved in everything.

“Working at a bigger company like Unilever or Diageo, I would never have got involved in those kinds of projects.

“When you work for a smaller company, being the senior brand manager, I’ve been able to create strong and exciting plans for the year, working on a wide range of end-to-end projects with great autonomy. I have to think about what I want to do to grow that brand’s market share year-on-year.”

Arora has big plans for Shaken Udder’s future and it’s clear that consumers will see a lot more of the brand over the coming months as the company develops its range and continues to expand its marketing operations. A premium milkshake with branding to match, it will be interesting to see how competitors respond to the bold moves made by the challenger brand.

And of course most importantly – whatever happens – it’s keeping the cow.

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